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Men in #nursing. Let’s talk about disparities | The Change of Shift Podcast Recap Ep 21

Do disparities exist with men in Nursing? Are there differences or inconsistencies in the  career path and experience of a man working as a Nurse versus what his female colleague experiences? [Tweet "Do disparities exist with men in Nursing? "]... Continue Reading →


5 tips for Nurses dating a co-worker | The Change of Shift Podcast Recap Ep 20

Does cupid have a place at work? I thought I'd tackle the touchy subject of dating your co-worker. DISCLAIMER: I’m married to a Nurse. I have been happily married to my wife 10 years. We met in nursing school, dated... Continue Reading →

4 ways nurses can over come the Impostor Syndrome | The Change of Shift Podcast Ep19

What is the Impostor Syndrome? (thank you Wikipedia) "...Term coined in the 1970s by psychologists and researchers describe people who are unable to internalize their accomplishments. Despite external evidence of their competence, those exhibiting the syndrome remain convinced that they... Continue Reading →

Some of us work on the holidays | The Change of Shift Podcast recap Ep 18

The holidays are upon us. But not everyone gets time off from their job for the holidays. The hospital doesn't shut down for holiday hours, illness doesn't have a 'holiday special'. I thought we'd chat a bit about the holidays... Continue Reading →

Nurse blogger MightyNurseMegan Interview | The Change of Shift Podcast Ep 17

Megan is a senior Nursing student and a current certified Nursing Assistant. She graduates from her Baccalaureate program in  May 2016! Megan runs a personal blog titled Might Nurse Megan where she documents her journey finishing nursing school. She’s interested... Continue Reading →

Happy Nurse Practitioner Week | The Change of Shift Podcast recap Ep 16

Nurse Practitioner Week 2015 was from November 8-14th this year. I thought it only appropriate that a Podcast hosted by two Nurse Practitioner's host an episode talking about our profession. I covered three topics during this episode: What is a... Continue Reading →

Nursing conference recap and FAQs |The Change of Shift Podcast recap Ep 15

Recently I spent almost a week in Las Vegas attending my first official Nursing conference. I thought it only appropriate to have a Podcast episode sharing my experiences as well as pose some general questions regarding your garden-variety Nursing conference.... Continue Reading →

Interview Kate L. Erickson host of Kate’s Take |The Change of Shift Podcast recap Ep 14

We had the pleasure of talking with Kate L Erickson She's the Content Creator and Community Leader for Entrepreneur on Fire (EOFire) with John Lee Dumas. She author’s the EOFire blog and runs her own Podcast Kate’s Take: The EOFire... Continue Reading →

Interview Nurse Denise ICU #nurse & podcaster |The Change of Shift Podcast recap Ep 13

  We had the pleasure of chatting with Denise. She's been an RN for over 4 years and currently works in the ICU, where she's found her true nursing passion. She loves baking, everything cheese, her cats, reading, sarcasm and... Continue Reading →

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