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It’s not an urban myth, it’s not folklore and it’s not a rumor. Nurses make THE worst patients.

I speak from experience here. Any Nurse who has been walking the walk for more than a month will agree with me. We stink at being cared for by someone else.

Being on the other side of the bedside is scary and Nurses are notorious at not accepting such change. Here are 11 humorous truths as to why we stink at being the patient.

11 reasons why Nurses make the worst patients
  1. We’re needy
  1. We judge everything
  1. We realize how bad of a nurse we have been
  1. We don’t listen
  1. We tell you what’s wrong and what to do
  1. We know who we don’t want
  1. We become THAT patient
  1. We love students.. but we really don’t
  1. We’re scared to death
  1. We hate giving up control
  1. We’re also the worst family members
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