Does cupid have a place at work? I thought I’d tackle the touchy subject of dating your co-worker.
DISCLAIMER: I’m married to a Nurse. I have been happily married to my wife 10 years. We met in nursing school, dated and then were married 4 months after graduation.
Dating a Nurse is awesome:
They get it
  • No need to have a reference book for my conversations
  • They get HIPAA
  • Dating yourself
    • They share all of the same tendencies you possess!
    • You have a lot of them
    • Can’t ‘pull one over’ on them
      • Been through same trenches
    • Co-worker are unlike anyone else
      • Good and bad
      • Your click.. and your mortal enemy
  • No time away from each other
    • You can over do it
  • Career risk: make or break your career by your coworkers
    • Worse case: blow up in your face
      • Are they worth the comforts of work?
      • You may end of  hating each other
      • Vindictive
      • Work becomes awkward
      • Fig out how to work together without knocking each other out?
  • What’s the coffee situation?
    • You either both drink it or you both don’t. Can’t be different.
    • That just invites all sorts of havoc
  • Dance for a while
    • Maybe its just lust?
    • You DO spend a lot of time with your coworkers
  • Establish the ground rules: does someone have a leadership role?
    • Work schedules?
    • Preferential treatment is a NO NO
    • Fraternization policy?
  • Separate work from play: no PDA
    • No pet names used in the workplace, please
    • Keep your hands to yourself
    • Small pecks on the lip/cheek can be acceptable
    • Stay respectful and professional
  • Do not bring work home
    • If You do – create rules
  • Maintain relationships outside of your work circle
    • Do not make your life all about them
    • Do not make your life all about nursing
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