The holidays are upon us. But not everyone gets time off from their job for the holidays. The hospital doesn’t shut down for holiday hours, illness doesn’t have a ‘holiday special’. I thought we’d chat a bit about the holidays in the world of Health Care and service.

Here are the highlights from the episode:

Service jobs don’t have a holiday special

-Holiday hierarchy

-We have to conduct ourselves and perform our jobs during the holidays in the same manner we do the rest of the year

-This means someone is going to be sick. there will be an emergency. Defending out country doesn’t take a holiday. Someone is going to need medical attention. Someone is going to need nursing care.

-Patient’s will have to mend and heal from the cold and sometimes lonely atmosphere of their hospital bed instead of celebrating the holiday from the comfort of their own home, or the comfort of their family’s household

*Potluck dinner*  Eating suggestions to avoid the bulge
1. Pre-eat?
2. Bring your own food.
3. Don’t graze, treat it like another day. it’s not what you eat, it’s how much you eat.

Three things to be thankful for
1. Your health: Did you wake up today? Congrats, you get another chance. You’re still here.
2. Your education: Many will never get the chance to increase their knowledge. You are unique.
3. Your age: Enjoy your years. Many never make it this far.

This episode was short, sweet and to the point. What do you think? If you like what you heard, be sure to tell someone!

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Until next time, remember to always check your own pulse first!

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Sean Dent