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Megan is a senior Nursing student and a current certified Nursing Assistant. She graduates from her Baccalaureate program in  May 2016!
Megan runs a personal blog titled Might Nurse Megan where she documents her journey finishing nursing school. She’s interested in passing on the knowledge she gains to the next generation of nursing students. She offers advice, tells her side of the story and is genuinely honest about who she is as a professional.
According to her blog profile, she also has a pet betta fish named Delilah, the ultimate study buddy.
We invited Megan to talk about her journey as a nursing student as well as her experiences thus far as a new Nurse Blogger. Some information about Megan and highlights from the episode:
  • first blog post July 2015!
  • love how she offers to seek answers to questions she can’t answer
  • wants to review relevant products
  • admits she will make mistakes and those mistakes may help the next person
  • excels as a student: now a lab assistant and inducted into sigma theta tau
  • she’s a fan of American Ninja Warrior
  • blogging is a lot of work!

Megan reminds me of ME when I was finishing nursing school. She’s motivated, genuine and ready to make an impact on the Nursing profession. We’re so glad Megan spent some time with us.

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