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We had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Dr. Renee Thompson,  a true champion for nurses. Renee has become one of our country’s leading authorities on nurse bullying, clinical and professional competence, and nursing culture. She’s a Nurse author, key note speaker, anti-bullying advocate, and all around believer in good humans.
Renee is somewhat an expert on lateral violence among the Nursing profession. We chatted with her about her journey, her career, her blog and her company RTConnections. She shared an amazing amount of information during our interview. Including how she was once the victim of bullying, the types of bullying out there, and steps to address bullying and more.

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  • started 2010
  • has received numerous blog awards

  • speaking engagements – keynote speaker
  • live seminars
  • consulting
  • anti-bullying programs and resources
  • interviews
  • books, ebook and toolkits“Do No Harm” Applies To Nurses Too! Strategies to Protect and Bully-proof Yourself at Work

Our interview questions:

  1. Tell us about your Nursing background (25years).
  2. Why Nursing? Why did you become a Nurse and what’s the secret to keeping the passion for our profession.
  3. You are the bullying expert. Tells us about bullying – are we referring to lateral violence? passive aggressive behavior? Nurses eating their young. Is it all the same? Is it all treated the same?
  4. Where did the passion for educating the public on bullying and lateral violence come from? A personal or professional experience? Have/had you been bullied?
  5. What is the most important element you want to convey about bullying to the new nurse? To the seasoned nurse?

Here are the highlights of our time with Dr. Thompson:

  • Her company was born from a personal experience. She was once the victim of bullying while she was a member of the management team.
  • We need to teach managers how to deal with employee toxic behavior.
  • Bullying is an umbrella term that includes lateral violence and passive aggressive behavior. There is two types of bullying: overt and covert.
  • Discussed steps to address bullying in the workplace.
  • Do bullies KNOW they are bullying?
  • What if management is the bully?
  • Pearls of wisdom for new and seasoned nurses concerning nurse bullying.


We’d like to thank Renee for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk with us and share her knowledge with our listeners.

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Until next time, remember to always check your own pulse first!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.27.39 PM